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Neurotechnology is the application of medical technology, devices and treatments to improve functions throughout many parts of the body. Hundreds of thousands of people with neurological or psychiatric disabilities have already been helped by neurotechnology.

For instance, cochlear implants help restore hearing to the deaf, neural prosthesis provide movement to the paralyzed, allow locked-in to communicate and spine stimulators give relief to those with chronic pain. These are just a few examples of the many medical technologies for people with disabilities that are available today.

What is Neurotechnology? Read this for more information.
Merging the Human Body and Technology: The New Frontier for Neurological Diseases and Disorders

Neurotech Network is a non-profit organization dedicated to improve the education of and the advocacy to access neurotechnology for persons with impairments. Learn about how these new alternative therapies and cutting edge medical treatments impact the lives of people with neurological and psychiatric illnesses, diseases and disabilities.

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