Bionic Pioneers tells the stories of 10 brave individuals with neurological disabilities who made the decision to participate in a clinical trial or become a recipient of a newly approved neurotech device to treat their conditions. These pioneering souls not only improved their own quality of life—they helped advance the pace of technological progress, scientific development and advancements in medical treatments. Their bravery will undoubtedly make life even better for other people suffering from the same condition in the future.

In each chapter, explore the often painful details of how a neurological disorder has impacted someone’s life. You’ll also get insight into how each person came to accept a novel or experimental neurotech therapy and you’ll learn how these new marvels of engineering achieve their effect. Join with us as we pay tribute to some of the unsung heroes of medical technology—the users who literally put life and limb on the line to blaze the trail to new therapies.

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All Neurotech Network profits from this book will go to advancing awareness of new therapies for people with neurological disorders

ISBN: 978-0-9882342-2-2



Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: The Other Shoe Drops

The Story of Dawn Gast

Chapter 3: Seizing an Opportunity

The Story of Candice Escandon

Chapter 4: Raising His Hand to Volunteer

The Story of Jim Jatich

Chapter 5: A Mom’s Second Look

The Story of Kim O’Shea

Chapter 6: Stimulation Lends a Hand

The Story of Andrew Genge

Chapter 7: The Rebirth of Normalcy

The Story of Lauren Henderberg

Chapter 8: A Breath of Fresh Air

The Story of Matt June

Chapter 9: Going Deep to Fight Parkinson’s

The Story of Dr. Jonathan Lessin

Chapter 10: Unlocking the Brain

The Story of Cathy Hutchinson

Chapter 11: A Stroke of Good Luck

The Story of Linda Gordon

Chapter 12: Future Outlook

Appendix: Resources

Meet the Authors

Jennifer French

Injured but active, Jennifer French acquired her C6-7 incomplete spinal cord injury in 1998. She is an active user of a neural prosthetic system and is the first woman to receive the implanted Stand and Transfer system. Jen is a silver medalist in the sport of sailing at the 2012 Paralympic Games and is the 2012 Yachtswoman of the Year; the first woman with a disability to do so. French has helped launch successful divisions is such organizations as Bombardier Capital and PC Connection, Inc. Her story is published in her book, On My Feet Again: My Journey out of the Wheelchair using Neurotechnology. She serves on several Scientific Advisory Boards and she has addressed such organizations as National Academy of Sciences, the American Physical Therapy Association, ISCoS/American Spinal Injury Association, The American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine, the World Science Festival, NIH/NINDS Neural Interfaces and TEDx. With an MBS and her experiences with the disability community, she co-founded this organization and serves as Executive Director.

James Cavuoto

James Cavuoto is the founder of Micro Publishing Press, Inc., a Torrance, CA-based publishing company that helped pioneer the market for electronic publishing, digital imaging, and computer graphics. After serving during the 1980s as a consultant to both Apple Computer and Xerox Corp. in their efforts to bring desktop publishing products to market, James launched three magazines, two newsletters, a trade paperback imprint, and several market research reports in the industry. Mirco Publishing Press' publications were sold to Cygnus Publishing in 1998. James holds a degree in biomedical engineering from Case Western Reserve University, where he studied under pioneers in the new field of functional electrical stimulation. He has studied human factors engineering at University of Southern California in Los Angeles and spent three years as a member of the technical staff at Hughes Aircraft Company in Los Angeles, where he worked on simulation, training, and publication products produced for the U.S. Department of Defense. James is the author of eight books on computer graphics, electronic publishing, and digital imaging. He is a member of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society.